Which part of the garbage grab needs to be lubricated?

Garbage grab after good lubrication treatment, in the garbage grab grab material, will not lead to failure, can quickly and correctly catch the material, and good lubrication treatment reduces the occurrence of garbage grab wear phenomenon. So, which part of the garbage grab needs to be well lubricated?

The claw teeth of the garbage grab can be lubricated to make the garbage grab more stable when telescopic and more efficient in grasping materials. The rope and derrick of the garbage grab also need to be lubricated to avoid wear and tear during operation. It is also very important to operate the controller to control the garbage grab, and the lubrication of the controller can control the garbage grab more smoothly. Generally speaking, as long as the above part of the garbage crane grab is lubricated, the operation efficiency of the garbage crane grab can be improved, and the occurrence of wear phenomenon can be reduced.

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