italian murano glass jewelry wholesale Guo Degang's youngest son wears 80,000 gold bracelets to attract attention. Who else is the stars who are rich in children in the entertainment industry?

italian murano glass jewelry wholesale

4 thoughts on “italian murano glass jewelry wholesale Guo Degang's youngest son wears 80,000 gold bracelets to attract attention. Who else is the stars who are rich in children in the entertainment industry?”

  1. jewelry pricing wholesale excel spreadsheet In the entertainment industry, some stars have strong ability to attract gold. In addition to eating, wearing, and use, their children are luxurious brands, and their monthly expenses are also staggering. In the final analysis, life is worry -free. Obviously, the children of ordinary families are very different. In short, many children of the same age have surpassed.
    Guo Degang's younger son Dai Jin bracelet Guo Degang updated a video on the social platform. The younger son Guo Fenzhen exposed. In the video, the younger son was wearing a white tight clothes, full of flesh, and his round belly was very prominent. Netizens said: It's cute; some said: Too fat.
    but the sharp -eyed netizens found that the gold bracelet worn by Guo Fenzheng's hand was picked up as a well -known luxury brand, and the price was expensive. It can be seen that the couple of Guo Degang's love for children. After all, there are rumors that the market value of "Deyun Society" today is very high. The couple of Guo Degang bought a nearly 80,000 yuan accessories may be just small change. However, to be honest, compared with his brother Guo Qilin's childhood life, there is a huge gap with his brother. It can be seen that Guo Fenzheng's starting point is not low.
    Huang Shengyi to build a playground Huang Shengyi, Yang Zi, is an invisible rich man. In addition to collecting many artworks, the couple are also very fond of their eldest son Andy. Grandma once said this: Andy likes to go out to play, so he repaired him a playground. In winter, Anti likes skiing. We fix a ski resort for him. As soon as this words came out, grandma's love for grandson was so proud, and it also proved that the Yang family's financial resources were amazing.
    The words again, so that children can feel caring and enjoy the happiness of childhood. I have to say that having money is really wayward. You can do what you like to do, and you can satisfy your desires at any time.
    Fessor Wong and Li Yapeng's heavy money made her daughter school in Switzerland Li Yan as Faye Wong and Li Yapeng's daughter. Because of her natural lip, she was born by the outside world. Her parents also set up the "Yanran Angel Foundation" for her. Faye Wong and Li Yapeng also attached great importance to their daughters. They did not hesitate to put heavy money and let her daughter study in Switzerland in junior high school. The tuition fee was nearly one million yuan a year.

    . In the past few years, Li Yan and his girlfriend bought a luxury goods for 2 hours. Netizens called her: Li 100,000. Although Li Yan denied it afterwards, netizens picked out the price of the bag on her back.
    It in money and material, Faye Wong and Li Yapeng never treated her daughter. Besides, Mom Faye Wong is the top flow in the entertainment industry, and it is not surprising that Li Yan can have such a consumption level.
    Lin Xinru and Huo Jianhua's daughter used golden bowls to eat small dolphins. Little dolphin was Lin Xinru and Huo Jianhua's daughter. Lin Xinru made breakfast porridge for her daughter with delicate golden bowls. Take a closer look. It is not ordinary porridge. Fish fins. In fact, people who know Lin Xinru know that such treatment is ordinary.
    During her daughter's birthday, Lin Xinru gave a set of jewelry to her daughter, and said that she would send her daughter's precious jewelry every year until she was 18 years old. I have to sigh that Lin Xinru's method of raising her daughter has been extremely luxurious since childhood. Indeed, whether you can live a good life will always depend on your economic strength.
    Li Xiang's domineering daughter Wang Shiling is the daughter of Li Xiang and Wang Yuelun. When she was born, she brought its own traffic. She had a high popularity and grew under the spotlight. Every time Wang Shiling's travel is dressed in a famous brand, gorgeous and dazzling. In other words, in addition to the aura of his parents, Wang Shiling is also a show of wealth. On weekdays, Li Xiang took her daughter to various high -level occasions. Obviously, the mother and daughter were frequent customers of luxury stores.
    In in the show, the host asked Li Xiang: Your daughter Wang Shiling is so small, how much is her bag. Li Xiang replied: Bags, 60,000 or 100,000 should be.
    followed by the host: Netizens are discussing Wang Shiling's clothes that have been wearing very expensive clothes. Do you think a child needs to wear particularly expensive clothes? Li Xiang did not hesitate to answer: Wang Shiling's clothes are indeed more expensive, but her mother has this ability! Such an answer is in line with Li Xiang's high -profile and domineering character.
    The child is the heart of the parents. When the parents have a certain economic strength, they will raise them with luxury standards. In fact, a good living environment is originally a light. Can "rich" really bring a good future to the next generation?

  2. wholesale vintage diamond jewelry Li Xiang, Lin Zhiying, etc., Li Xiang bought a lot of things for his daughter, and he usually eats very expensive; Lin Zhiying bought a toy car for millions of toy cars for her children.

  3. jewelry epoxy resin silicone molds wholesale The stars who are rich in entertainment in the entertainment industry are Li Xiang. Wang Shiling's costs every year are more than millions. All of them are aristocratic schools, including her every year, and there are a lot of them.

  4. how much does paparazzi jewelry cost wholesale from china Li Xiang, Wang Shiling spent a lot of money for her when she was young, and Li Xiang's luxury of her daughter once became a hot topic.

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