The difference between a sex doll and a silicone doll

I. AppearanceThe appearance of the inflatable doll is relatively simple and rough, without texture;

​the sez doll, on the other hand, has a different realistic appearance depending on the price.

Two, material

Inflatable doll material is essentially the structure of the most simple polymer organic compound PE material;

​silica gel dolls are typically made of silica gel and TPE, with elevated anthropomorphism and softness.

Three, structure and use

Inflatable dolls have nearly no structure at all, essentially are one or two positions, no flexibility;

sex doll 140 does a better job in flexibility, as long as it is not the body parts of the inverted mold products, are skeleton, in the joint activity of these are close to the real person, especially some of the more costly products, can even do finger joint activity.

Silicone dolls are more widely used than inflatable ones, such as dressing up as some characters, cos, photography models, display models and so on.

Iv. Price

Inflatable doll price is essentially the difference is not great. The price range is about 100-300 yuan this range, there are some do better, the price is more costly, will also be used with different channels;

​the price difference of silicone dolls is relatively large, several hundred to tens of thousands of dollars, silicone dolls are essentially a penny a penny, the high price of the product whether in the appearance of the shape or touch feel and other aspects are extremely excellent.

5. Advantages and Disadvantages

Silicone doll:

1. The inside is not inflated but solid.

2. It feels real to the touch. The skin is shiny and delicate, just like a real person.

3. The silicone doll has mechanical bone supports for each joint, allowing it to switch positions.

4 silicone doll quality is relatively heavy, essentially weight is 40 pounds.

5. Silicone dolls are typically more costly.

Sex doll:

Be cheap;

​light, part of the channel, can be changed;

​appearance modeling is simple, no ornamental, the scope of use is relatively tiny.

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