3 thoughts on “Really gold rings or silver rings, will gold necklace or silver necklace often fall in water?”

  1. It will not be faded, but the surface layer is prone to aerobic response. You usually question that the maintenance of this jewelry is the same as you just bought it.
    The knowledge of copying some maintenance at others, I hope it is useful!
    The gold jewelry is not very delicate, but if you do not care carefully, it will also lose its initial gloss and charm. Generally speaking, beware of the following points:

    1. The chemicals of detergent will change the color of the gold, and you should take off the gold jewelry before doing cleaning.

    2. Avoid contact with high volatile substances such as perfume and glue directly, otherwise it will easily cause gold jewelry to fade.

    3, the gold jewelry should be removed when swimming to avoid chemical changes in the surface layer after encountering seawater or pool water.

    4, wrap it in a velvet in custody and then put it in the jewelry box to avoid friction and damage to each other.

    5, gold is relatively soft, do not pull the necklace and other accessories to avoid deformation.

    6. Pure gold jewelry will have a chemical reaction when it encounters water and silver, and white spots appear. As long as you barbecue under the alcohol lamp for a while, you can restore the original color.

    7. The gold jewelry after wearing is often lost due to stains and dust stains. As long as the gold jewelry is soaked and washed in the neutral detergent, and then removed and wiped it. )

    The fire burning identification: As the saying goes: "Real gold is not afraid of fire." Gold does not melt or unchanged at a high temperature of thousands of degrees. Based on this, the gold jewelry can be burned on the fire, which can be distinguished.

  2. True gold and Zhenyin will not fade, but if you wear it for a long time, the surface will become dirty. Generally, golden hair is white, and silver is not bright. The chemical properties of gold and silver are very unpretentious, and the jewelry has been treated again, basically there is no color loss.
    Generally, the silver cloth can be used to solve the problem of dirt on the surface of the jewelry. If there is no silver cloth, then toothpaste is also a good cleaner. It can be wiped with toilet paper. The principle is the same: polishing.
    But the silver jewelry may also be oxidized on the surface. The problem of yellowing or blacking occurs. Polishing can also be solved.
    The silver -plated platinum jewelry has been worn for a long time, especially those who are particularly sweaty people have a platinum falling off. This is that the oxidation speed of the silver will be accelerated.
    The inlaid jewelery sold on the market, some are very low in price, and it is almost not used to inlay some of the gold and silver prices. At this time consumer. There will be no big problems at starting to wear. Over time, the coating will show the color of the alloy, which is very ugly.

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