WS2815 full color light bar is good or WS2813 light bar is good, what is the difference between the two?

WS2815 full-color light bar, this light bar is WS2813 light bar, WS2812 light bar is comprehensively upgraded, and is fully compatible with the controller of WS2815 light bar. Sci-fi lighting integrates all electronic components of WS2815 full-color light bar into a single 5050 light bead, forming a complete external control pixel without other auxiliary components. And reduce the installation of products caused by welding, caused by the bad.


China WS2815 LED strip adopts serial expansion port double signal line transmission mode to realize the function of continuous transmission of breakpoints. If a pixel is damaged, the overall effect will not be affected at all. ​intelligent reverse connection protection function, product installation access 5V power supply in the case of reverse connection will not cause damage to the lamp beads.

Light color consistency is strong, light color consistency without pressure drop, high cost performance.

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