Ring chain electric hoist introduction and use tutorial

Chain electric hoist in today's society is more and more applied to various scenes of life, but do you know the history and original appearance of chain electric hoist? Japan developed the ring chain electric hoist in the fifties, on the basis of high economic development, due to reasonable application to lifting and transportation operations, there has been a great development. After this, through continuous efforts, according to the different needs of various markets, research and development of a variety of styles and functions of the chain electric hoist, the use of more and more widely.

The product structure and characteristics of electric hoist

Ring chain electric hoist introduction and use tutorial

1, shell: aluminum alloy shell, solid and durable, light weight, add special process heat sink, heat dissipation effect is better, continuous use does not worry about overheating shutdown. Can be used in a variety of environments, high fitness.

2. Side magnetic brake: due to the addition of the new magnetic force generator, it can produce magnetic force and brake when cutting off the power supply, so the brake is safer and more reliable when lifting the weight. 3, limit switch: hanging up and down are limited switch device, so that automatic stop, prevent the chain beyond, to ensure reliability;

4, chain: all imported alloy steel heating processing chain, all kinds of harsh environment can be normal use. Resistant to seawater, chemicals, rain and other corrosion.

5, hook: after hot forging, high strength, not easy to break. The lower hook can be rotated 360 degrees, with hook tongue to ensure reliable operation;

6, support frame: the lifting support frame is composed of two steel plates, very strong;

7, transformer: 24V / 36V / 48V transformer device. Operation, in case of leakage, to prevent accidents, rain, the maximum safe use;

8, electromagnetic contactor: can be used at high frequency, high intensity.

9, reverse protector: special electrical device, when the power connection is wrong, the control circuit can not work;

10, button switch: use waterproof button switch, light and durable.

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