Why does the gantry crane leak oil when it slows down?

Due to the unreasonable design of the manufacturer, there is no special air vent in the design process or the air vent is too small and other design defects will cause the imbalance of internal and external pressure of the reducer and leakage failure, eventually leading to the leakage failure of the reducer lubricating oil. Due to improper maintenance of gantry crane operators or maintenance personnel in the daily use of the process, resulting in multiple internal blockage and internal pressure is higher than the external pressure, at the same time, too much oil, fasteners are not tightened will cause the joint surface between the two boxes is not strict, resulting in oil leakage.

Why does the gantry crane leak oil when it slows down?

There may also be leakage caused by lax sealing of the connecting surface of the reducer in the long-term use process. The processing technology level is limited to cause the accuracy of the contact surface of the box body is not enough, so the sealing performance is poor and oil leakage occurs.

In order to effectively prevent oil leakage of reducer, manufacturers should improve the process level and optimize the design scheme: ventilation device can be installed on the refueling hole cover to ensure the balance of internal and external pressure. At the same time, in the design process, the accuracy of the process between the two boxes should be improved, so as to prevent the occurrence of oil leakage failure due to the lax contact surface. At the same time, in the daily use of the process should also do a good job of maintenance work, on the air vent, oil, box, fasteners and other regular inspection is in a conventional state.

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