The advantages of intelligent grab crane include several aspects

Intelligent grab crane waste crane trolley structure is simple, car net weight relief, so that the bare machine weight is light, wheel pressure is small, the size of the relative height is small, can greatly reduce the cost of industrial plant building construction, and at the same time can also reduce the operation of lifting equipment output power and operation cost.

797da7d54086ff914915c0a2accea9fbCan be fully automatic and continuous feeding, mixing, weighing and record life garbage processing any position, automatic when must release to suitable for the part of the climb take waste, improve the grab crane 39bet-xì dách-phỏm miền bắc-tiến lên miền bắc-xóc đĩa-game bắn cá, and push the trolley cart, make the grab crane operation to the dog-house, open grab crane, popularized to feeding mouth waste.

Return to the garbage station and repeat the above position until the fuel bin is full; ​after the feeding, the fully automatic return to the garbage station to carry out the mixing work. The fully automatic discrimination mixing line makes the waste in the garbage station as symmetrical as possible, has been carrying out the mixing work, until the mixing meets the requirements or receives the feeding data signal from the hopper; ​fully automatic collection and solution of waste information content in the feeding and mixing process, so as to facilitate better regulation of the operation line.

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