What is the intelligent crane shortest path algorithm?

In recent years, along with the automation technology of each industry field, the degree of intelligent system is constantly improving to provide convenient and effective promotion. The intelligent crane is also in this direction of development trend. The intelligent shortest path algorithm, as a main research content, has been relatively complete and widely used in the intelligent robot industry, but there is less scientific research on the crane level.

4134428e26d3fa143c09055ee4e0e5ebIntelligent crane shortest path algorithm is in the already known or unknown natural environment, according to the set start and direction point according to the optimization algorithm to achieve no impact and the best way. In the two-dimensional natural environment, the entity model of the natural environment is very easy to create and the relativity is simple 39bet-xì dách-phỏm miền bắc-tiến lên miền bắc-xóc đĩa-game bắn cá, so the shortest path algorithm is easy to complete. However, in the three-dimensional natural environment, the environment is complicated and the storage amount of information content is large, which makes the completion of the optimization algorithm and the three-dimensional calculation more difficult.

Intelligent 3 d crane lifting the shortest path algorithm level, the vast majority is to use the site navigation to complete, but in fact, the shortest path algorithm is technical navigation bar can be a key part of the complete acme, you must create a three dimensional independent move bridge crane system software, the system includes visual identification system, data management platform and automatic control system, It can be used to identify obstacles and online shortest path algorithms. Part of the overall planning is based on the distance sensor to accurately locate the obstruction and then according to the obstruction, the original part, the overall target part to clear the feasible indoor space, and then according to the objective function to carry out the shortest path algorithm.

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